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This is a short resume, for more details, check out my CV (built with LaTeX, available on )

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2016 PhD in Ecology Université du Québec à Rimouski & Université de Montpellier
2012 MSc in Ecology and Evolution AgroParisTech
2011 Diploma of Agricultural Engineering AgroParisTech


For the sake of clarity I have grouped the computational tools I utilize under four categories. These categories are somewhat superficial from a practical standpoint as I use many of them inside . For instance, even though I am able to code a standalone program in C++, I mainly call my C++ functions directly from using Rcpp. Also, although I am comfortable with Markdown and Pandoc, I often use R Markdown. Similarly, I do most of my work with spatial data with (see this post on inSileco) but I occasionally use QuantumGIS. Finally, I'd like to mention that I am currently working on Linux (Debian Testing) I used to work on MacOS and I have a little experience with several Linux distributions and Windows.

Scientific computing

Programing languages I use to perform numerical simulations, data analysis, statstics and data visualization.

Database management and data serialization

On the top of the common spreasheet file formats, I use:

Document prepration

To write manuscripts, I need to be well-equiped!

Web development

I am not a web developer, yet I use different web laguages for blogging and retrieving data available online!


2020: Québec Science (fr) Une carte des interactions entre les poissons de toutes les mers.
2019: Science (en) Trees stumped.
2018: la Presse (fr) La biodiversité dans l'ombre des changements climatiques.
2018: Anthropocenemagazine (en) As biodiversity declines, so does public attention.
2018: Greenreport (it) La crisi della biodiversitĂ  non interessa i media.
2018: 20 minutes (fr) Pourquoi parle-t-on bien plus du changement climatique que de l’érosion de la biodiversité ?.
2018: RFI (fr)
2018: le Devoir (fr) Une grande chance, malgré un manque de soutien.